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Who Are we?

Your Customised Digital Marketing Team.

Are you a growing business looking for the best team to scale up your business? Give the job to us! We can make that happen.We are a team of highly enthusiastic and skilled digital marketers who specialise in all aspects of Digital Marketing Solutions.

With a lot of experience in delivering the best results to our clients, we work with small to mid-sized companies in Chennai, in providing all digital marketing services.

What We Do?

360 degree integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

Facebook Digital Campaigns

We know how effective fueling social media for advertising your business is and that is something we do the best.


With the right Pay-Per-Click strategies, we bring maximum traffic to your website and thereby increase your sales.

Video Marketing

Stunning visuals and captivating scripts delivers the best results for your business. We make videos that tell your brand’s story.

Digital Competitive Analysis

Our expert team develops the best competitive strategies that can take your business to places and make your business go viral digitally.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We know the secrets to get directly to your potential leads and customers. We are sure to make it work for your business as well with a well drafted email.

Content Marketing

From website content to blogs, from emailers to Ads, we provide all the content that is required for your business to grow organically.

Business Scaling

Want to scale your business and take it to the next level?

In this modern world, anything and everything can thrive and sustain if it cuts the competition by utilising digital platforms the best. Digital marketing is proven to be the one among the effective techniques that a business can follow to get close to their leads and even more close to their competition.

We at SM Creatives, help your business scale organically by providing effective digital marketing solutions. From Content to strategies, from Google Ads to Emailers, our team can help you reach the right target audience and thereby increase your sales.

You want the best ROI? Our team can make it happen for you.

Our Pricing

We offer great prices, premium products
and quality service for your business.

Start Ups

12K month
Social Media Optimization
Media planning
Google my business optimization
Creative Creative service
Local SEO
On page SEO

Ad Agency

30K month
30K month
Unlimited Project Handling
Business Strategy Creation
Social Media Calendar
Ad Performance Validation
10X in ROI
Conversion Rate Optimization

Any other requirements? We can customize a plan just for you!

The Ideal Deal

Want To Strategically Scale Your Business?

For small to mid-sized companies, we help you save your money, get things done quickly and provide a wealth of experience and most importantly help you reach your targets and milestones.We are the dream team you are looking for! Let’s grow digital, together!

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